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Competitors: Enemy or Advisory

As I am trying to really start to write my own posts now. I conducted a training today which give me this bright idea of enemy or advisory. As I am a superhero/comic fanatic and one of my nicknames is batman because everyone likes batman (long story).

While conducting today's training about SEO, marketing and finding your audience with my client. We looked at some of their competitors websites and found some useful information regarding our pitfalls, their good points and how to improve my client's brand.

Overall Batman is associated or well known by his main villain the Joker. The Joker has a huge following and his own movie coming out this summer which over means his brand highly is recognizable. One of Batman’s brands has been to defeat the Joker by adapting to his current antics (trends) and making adjustments to foil his plan.

Is this business world, embracing and knowing your competitors, observing their tendencies and not necessarily try to defeat them but learning how to exceed beyond them to succeed can put you on a path.
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4 weeks ago

O.S. Solutions LLC

#SEO and #Social #Media

I am working with my client on some SEO and Social Media items. I wrote up this document regarding things that needs to get done. Here is the scale down version.

Hope this can help with your web presence:

Roadmap (Getting Started):
· Go through Google Analytics, Facebook and other social media platforms
· Explored some of the demographics
· Establish keywords
· To see what is trending, research competitors and use other tools
· Options with blogs

Goals and Strategy (Achieving Your ROI):
· Objectives
o Grow the brand
o Drive leads and sales
o Customer retention
o Return On Investment
· Social Media Goals
o Awareness
o Engagement
o Conversions
o Customers
· Metrics
o Followers, shares, etc
o Comments, likes, mentions
o Website clicks
o Sentiment
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